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Gifts of May

Hooray! Hooray! The first of MAY!! Hard to believe how quickly the year is moving. I was deliriously blissed to be working in the yard yesterday morning before the torrential rains came -- even the mowing was delightful. Spring is definitely my season. And I am reminded of a poem by Rob Brezney that I offer to you this month:

It's time for you
to claim the rewards
that were promised you
at the beginning of time:

Not just any old
and Justice,

But rather

wild beauty
that excites your curiosity;

Crazy wisdom
that makes you allergic to dogma;

Outrageous goodness
that drives you to perform
heroic acts of compassion;

Insurrectionary love
that endlessly transforms you;

Ingenious freedom
that is never permanent
but must be reinvented and reclaimed every day;

and a totally-serious-yet-always-laughing  justice
that schemes and dreams
about how to diminish the suffering
and increase the joy
of every sentient being.

Now go out and have a great month!!
and if you feel like it, share your favorite moments with us here.

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