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Shin Splints, Ankle Sprains & Plantar Fasciitis
I have just returned home from the International KinesioTaping Symposium. Let me assure you that this is good stuff! Exciting new techniques to relieve pain and tension, making it possible for you  to continue your sport or daily activity comfortably. Long term strategies to enhance  the effects of your Neuromuscular Massage and Clinical Bodywork  and help expedite your rehabilitation and  resolve the causes of that pain.  KinesioTape affects the tissues from bone to skin and all things in between. Thanks to Tom Myers for his most excellent Fascia presentation at the Symposium.

I have read that approximately 10-20% of all runners experience a bout of medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), or shin splints, at some point during their career. And a whopping 10% of the total  American population has compained of Plantar Fasciitis.
 For inflammatory conditions like shin splints or ankle sprains, ice, rest, and orthotic shoe inserts are typically  prescribed. However, this innovative KinesioTape technology offers additional options for pain modulation and return to proper  function. Unlike conventional sports taping, KinesioTape is the same weight, thickness, and elasticity as human skin, allowing it to work naturally with the body's own sensory system to reduce pain and provide natural stability.

In addition to shin splints, ankle sprains and Plantar Fasciitis, there are not many pain issues that the KinesioTape cannot address. Call Nashville Neuromuscular Center to learn more about KinesioTape
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