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Rebecca Saindon conducts presentations in the Nashville area focusing on body awareness and posture as it relates to pain and wellness. She has been recognized for her outstanding performance in teaching Tennessee Educators during the Tennessee Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Annual Conference, and for her presentations to the St. Thomas Hospital Wellness Services.  University School reports that Rebecca's classroom presentations were the students' favorite learning of the year. Speaking at retirement communities and in corporate settings, she excels in turning the serious topic of physical anatomy into a less-daunting, much lighter, "Oh, now I get it!" epiphany for her audience. Rebecca's goal is to help people realize that they have control over their bodies in the same way they have control over their external environments. Here are some of the topics Rebecca regularly explores:

Presentations and Consultations - individual, small groups, or large formal settings
  • Posture as it relates to pain and wellness -- including some if not all of the following:
    • Sitting School - learn how to sit more comfortably in your home, office, and car to reduce pain syndromes.
      • We can place the emphasis on work station, computer tasks, driving, airplane travel, and any other places you sit 
      • Why not schedule a workplace party and we'll educate and evaluate your whole office staff.
    • It's all about the Shoes -- how footware choices can destroy your knees and affect your posture
      • including Best Choice Stances-- why it's best to stand balanced on your own two feet!
    • The Goldilocks Theory--How sleep positions, mattress and pillow can cause major neck and low back discomfort  and how to select a better configuration.
    • Teens: Backpacks and laptops -- we'll help your teen understand posture from an objective scientific point of view. 
      • They don't hear anything but "blah, blah, blah" when Mom says "Stand up straight!" 
      • Let us help you get your point across and save your child unnecessary discomfort later in life
    • Seniors: It's never too late to change. What caused the situation and what to do to reverse it.
    • Gardeners: How to garden with proper posture to avoid injury and stiffness -- A big hit among the local Garden Club Circuit! Become a follower of the Pain Free Gardening blog.

 If you think of other questions you'd like to have answered or a topic you'd like to have addressed, just let us know and we'll try to make it happen.
Most of the presentations are free of charge and open to the public. Or we can do an 'invitation only' workshop for your business or group.
And we're delighted when we can come to your house or office to look at your set up and help you make it better.