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If you're experiencing a golf related pain or injury, or just want to improve your game, 
work with a Massage Therapist who is also a Certified Golf Biomechanic to assess and correct.

It has been reported that applying Kinesio-Tex Tape to the triceps enhances performance in the golf swing.  We have Certified KinesioTaping Practioners on staff to help you!

Golf is one of the fastest rising participation sports in the world. In the US, golf equaled swimming for participation with 16% of Americans actively participating — that’s 43.5 million people! The fact is golfers will do anything to hit the ball longer and lower their handicap! Golfers regularly spend as much as $4,000 on a set of clubs, hoping for an extra few meters on their drive.

But despite all the technological improvements in golf equipment, the average handicap for both males and females has not dropped in the past 16 years. Fifty-five years ago, golfers were winning tournaments such as the US Masters Championships with a score of 279; a score that would win many major tournaments around the world today! So much for golf technology.

What golfers are now discovering is that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does! The only way to achieve a lower handicap is to improve the function of the golfer - the person who actually swings the club! And that golfer needs to have the flexibility and strength necessary to swing those clubs with accuracy and repeatability without injury.

That’s where the golf exercise specialist and neuromuscular therapist can help. We are experts in assessing the muscular imbalances that can cause serious injury to the golfer. In addition to rehabing any such injuries the golfer may have incurred,  Nashville Neuromuscular Center can actually improve performance and reduce the incidence of future injury in golfers by addressing the Postural Alignment in addition to golf-specific conditioning needs.  Did you know that 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from low back pain, and 30% of all touring professionals are playing injured at any given time? The sport is also rampant with wrist problems, which is not surprising, considering the lack of core conditioning in most golfers, leading to overuse of the arms. If the entire kinetic chain is not working together properly, there will be areas of the body that are overloaded and potential risks for serious injury.

Don't trust your body to just anybody; Work with a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist who is also Certified in  Posture Fitness Training and Golf specific biomechanics.

The C.H.E.K System of Golf Conditioning

The C.H.E.K System is designed to address golf-specific conditioning needs and in doing so, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Using detailed personalized programming, the individual issues and imbalances of each client can be identified and addressed. Nashville Neuromuscular Center's Rebecca Saindon is a CHEK Certified Golf Performance Biomechanic. She can

  • Assess your body function from postural point of view.
  • Test your flexibility and apply the correct correlating stretches.
  • Help your body become able to do what your golf pro wants you to do.
  • Use the  correct progression from Flexibility to Stability to optimally improve your golf performance
  • Then refer you to a qualified Golf specific trainer to complete the Strength-Power conditioning  

What People Are Saying about the CHEK approach to golf preparation:

“I’ve had the occasion to work with some of the best physical conditioning specialists in the golf industry…I can say without reservation that Paul Chek, his work and contribution in the field of golf is on the cutting-edge.” ~Bob Cisco - California

 “One client gained 15 meters more on a six iron in one session just by [correctly] activating the transverse abdominis. Great results, better investment than Titanium Clubs!”
Hamish Hurley – London,

At Nashville Neuromuscular Center the core stabilization approach is very precise and finely tuned to ensure proper muscle firing patterns.