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The treatments provided by NNC draw from a wide variety of body work techniques which are integrated under the moniker of our core work 'Neuromuscular Therapy.' There are many different techniques and modalities of bodywork, all of which are beneficial, but at Nashville Neuromuscular Center we are focused on techniques that re establish proper body position for efficient and pain free movement. The techniques we employ are not things we learned from a book or a weekend course. Our therapists have proven proficiency in their methods. We are not trying to be all things to all people. All of the approaches we employ share our single intention. Just as a Contractor has a tool box or even a truckload full of the tools he needs to build or remodel a house, this is the array of tools we need to remodel and level your structure into the vital active painfree body you were meant to have.

         Our Neuromuscular Massage TOOLBOX    
                             Trigger Point Massage Therapy (Certified)
                             Deep Tissue Massage (Professional Training completed)
                             Paul St. John Method Neuromuscular Therapy (Certified) 
                             Judith Walker DeLaney, Leon Chaitow Method Neuromuscular Therapy (Certified) 
                             Orthopedic Massage Therapy -  James Waslaski
                             Myofascial Release techniques 
                             MyoSkeletal Alignment - Erik Dalton Freedom from Pain   (Certified) 
                             PNF Stretching (Professional Training completed)
                             MET - Muscle Energy Technique (Professional Training completed)

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