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Nashville Neuromuscular Center Procedural Policies:

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations, Missed appointments, and Late Arrivals
A late-cancel appointment is a loss to everyone. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible. NNC requires at least 24 hours notice to allow this time to be offered to someone else.  If you cancel your appointment after this time frame, you are still responsible for the payment of that session.
While this is the part of my job that I like the least, we do have to collect those fees. When we have 24 hours notice that an appointment is going to be cancelled, we have enough time to try to fill that time for our therapist by calling the many others on our list who are waiting for help. If we can fill the time, you will not be charged.   I’m sure you understand that when we schedule an appointment we are in essence entering into a contract for that time. The Therapist's responsibility is to reserve that time solely for you and to be fully present and focused on your needs. Your part of the agreement is the responsiblity for the payment of therapist fees for that time period.  
Imagine if you came to work for a meeting and an important person in that group did not arrive and you were told that because that person was not present, the meeting would be cancelled and you would not be paid for that day. Or that you came to work and found the copier or phone or computer was down and you were notified that because the elements necessary to do your job were not available, you would not be paid for that day. It is awkward for us because we are in the service business and it is you, the client, that is necessary for us to do our work. If you don't honor your commitment to show up, we suffer financially. And of course, we still have to pay our therapists, our rent, and the general costs of doing business. We reciprocate in kind: If we miss an appointment with you, your next session will be at no charge.
As a courtesy to other clients, late arrivals will receive only the available appointment time remaining.  We appreciate your understanding.

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Medical Insurance
We accept payment at the time of service. 
We do not file any insurance claims. However, we do give a receipt with our CPT treatment codes listed and many of our clients submit their receipts to their insurance company for reimbursement.  Clients also use their Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts, where allowed, for treatment at NNC. There was an article in the NY Times October 2010 extolling the financial benefits of using these accounts for massage and bodywork.
Please note: NNC does not diagnose. We do not require a doctor's referral in order to work with you. But if your insurance requires a diagnosis code in order to cover your claim you will need to get that diagnosis code from your doctor.
We provide a space on your NNC receipt for you to add your doctor's diagnosis. If you file a claim and your insurance requests diagnosis from NNC, that request will be forwarded to you and it will be your responsibility to handle the issue and communicate with your insurance provider. We are not set up to do that work for you.

Payment Methods

To reserve your appointment Online will require any major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club.
Your card will not be charged until time of appointment.You may choose to use another method of payment at that time.
In the office we accept:
 Check, Cash, Mastercard, Visa,  Discover, AmEx, Apple Pay. Some of our clients use their HSA or FSA payment accounts.