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Hip and Knee Pain Relief

You do not have to suffer an overt trauma or sports injury to experience hip or knee pain. If you think of your body as an architectural structure, you will view your legs as the uprights that support the rest of your body. If these vertical beams are not aligned to support the weight of the body load stacked upon it, they will be strained by that load and will begin to break down at the joints. This uneven compression causes uncommon wear and tear and painful movement. It is the length:tension relationship of the MyoFascial Soft Tissues that determines the placement and alignment of the bones. Correcting and balancing these connective tissues (Muscle and Fascia) through clinical therapeutic results-based massage  is the key to happy healthy knees, hips, ankles and feet.
One of our therapists has had serious issues with hip and knees. But by diligently following a corrective exercise program to align  the posture and joints,  that knee pain ceased to be a problem. Let's see if your discomfort can also be mitigated simply by doing a specialized Posture Fitness exercise routine everyday. Read the blog at PostureFitness.blogspot.com. In this case, the position of the pelvis and hip placement was a major component in causing the pain and dysfunction in the knees. The problem is not always in the same spot as the pain.  Diagnosed as 'bone on bone' for many years, yet she has been able to become and remain painfree with a simple but very different exercise prescription designed to correct  total body posture. The posture specialists and advanced therapeutic massage therapists at Nashville Neuromuscular Center are ready to help you too.

MyoFascial imbalances cause displacement of bones
Actual Knee xray
Knees out of alignment resulting in Arthritis

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