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 Hear what Nashville's Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Clients have to say: 
 Including results of neuromuscular massage therapy for 
TMJ pain & treatment, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Fascial Stretch Therapy 
 Low Back Pain, Hip and Knee Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain,Fibromyalgia, Lymphatic Drainage
Musicians including Voice & Vocal Chord therapy,
  Posture Fitness Corrective Exercise, Ergonomic Evaluations and KinesioTaping


“Coupled with her experience and educational expertise, Rebecca has a natural and instinctive ability to enable her clients to improve body awareness, posture and fitness. She is warm and caring and provides a realistic path to pain relief incorporating a holistic approach. I highly recommend Rebecca or any member of her team.” ~Cathy Werthan, CPA Consulting Group

About TMJ pain:

"After a serious car accident 3 years ago, I have traveled the world in search of a massage therapist who could give me long lasting pain relief (jaw pain, neck and back pain).  For the first time since my accident, I have been pain free for an entire month after only ONE session with Rebecca.  I had serious TMJD and she worked absolute wonders on my jaw.  She measured how far I could open my mouth before AND after she worked on me and the difference was remarkable.  It only took a few minutes for my mouth to feel completely pain free.  This is not your average massage... The people at NNC are highly educated on the way our bodies work.  They look at the whole picture and care about relieving your pain once and for all.  I can't recommend them highly enough!" ~ L.L. Singer/Songwriter


"I suffered from severe pain in my jaw due to TMJ. I was not able to eat anything that had to be chewed and could hardly open my mouth. My orthodontist tried to treat me with different night guards and finally sent me to an oral surgeon who of course suggested surgery. I started to do my own research on how to treat TMJ pain and I found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I made an appointment for neuromuscular massage with Rebecca Saindon, who started to work on the muscles of my jaw and neck. I had immediate relief and within a few weeks I was back to eating carrots! I still see Rebecca once a month and would recommend her to anyone with any pain problems." ~Christine Johnson, CPA 

"I would wake up in tears with pain in my jaw. Couldn't eat anything that required any chewing. My dentist had not been able to do anything to relieve the pain or help me open my mouth any wider. During a visit to Knoxville, my friend Rebecca Saindon convinced me to let her work on the muscles of my neck and jaw. I found relief that day for the first time, and over the next 6 weeks, I would drive to NNC from Knoxville, knowing my help was only 200 miles away. Rebecca worked on me a total of 4 times and taught me how to self-initiate early intervention techniques to prevent the onset of any flare ups. After the 4th treatment, the pain was completely gone. It's been 4 years now and my TMJ problem hasn't returned. I eat normally and can even enjoy a good steak." ~Debby LovinBuuck, Social worker

"As a neuromuscular dentist, I routinely bring neuromuscular massage therapists such as John Barrera in Corpus Christi,Tx and Rebecca Saindon in Nashville, TN into a patient’s therapy. These two neuromuscular physical therapist are both Paul St. John trained and are both educators.  These other disciplines are often necessary to get optimal results." ~ Dr. Don Lowrance, DDS


  • About Voice & Vocal Chords:

"I am a  recording artist and have been performing professionally since I was a young girl. My voice is how I make my living. I went through a surgery recently and had to be put under general anesthesia. Ten days later I went into the recording studio and sang for a new project. I could tell my voice was simply not 100%. It was determined that my vocal cords were healthy and there was no lasting effect from the anesthesia. My doctor suggested massage. I have gone to Rebecca Saindon several times for other issues but this time she wanted to focus on the muscles in my neck and specifically around the larynx. This was  definitely a new experience. After just two sessions my voice became stronger and the muscle tension decreased
dramatically. She did an incredible job and I would highly recommend her for singers or those who use their voices frequently in their professions. ~Elizabeth Montgomery

"I'm a musician.  My hands were going numb.   Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center was very instrumental in completely healing this condition.   Additionally, the training and exercises I was taught there have kept me in great form.   The highest of recommendations". ~Tim Lorsch www.timlorsch.com 
" I am a professional musician, I play bass guitar. During this past summer I was having serious problems with my left hand, it was going "to sleep", and neck pain from an old injury/surgery. At the time of this occurrence I was terrified that my job and livelihood were in jeopardy. I was recommended to Rebecca at Nashville Neuromuscular Center by another patient of hers. I have had four sessions now between a very hectic touring schedule. I am happy to report that the numbness in my hand has subsided dramatically and my neck pain as well. I am incredibly encouraged, and much relieved by the work Rebecca has done." ~sincerely,John Cowan

"I went to NNC for arm & back problems associated with playing guitar. The deep massage helped relieve my pain and loosen my muscles, but more importantly, the exercises I was taught help me stay pain-free and flexible; and if the pain returns, I just start back exercising and in a short amount of time I'm better again." ~Tiger Fitzhugh



About Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

"I wanted to tell you that I think that the lymph drainage really helped! My shoulder has not hurt since then and I think I am even able to
relax my shoulders more. I just feel "lighter" :) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would have never considered that as a solution to my
problem without your guidance."

" The therapist was top notch, very skilled. She was M. Khimenko of the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. She made me feel better almost instantly after the appt., and said it will resolve before too long. No big deal. So, the best part, after, when I stopped for a beverage; I hustled across the street. Like jogging, hustled. What an awesome fabu feeling. Picking up the pace naturally instinctively without repercussions. Wow!! I had to retire the turtle as my symbolic emoticon." ~RM

About Corrective Exercise:
"It's been Fabulous!  I never expected "The Basics" to be so simple in correcting poor posture.  It certainly has been a remarkable experience, and I am very happy that I located your facility." ~name withheld by request
Over the years, I have tried several strengthening programs, but always ended up with pain caused by scoliosis-related imbalances. Not so with Rebecca Saindon's approach... ~Janine Van
"Last summer I was experiencing knee pain and limitations daily. When I presented my problem to Rebecca Saindon, she gave on-the-spot feedback and suggestions. After 3 months, I am basically pain-free and  I am convinced that Rebecca's treatment plan saved my knee from surgery." ~ Centennial Sportspex Facility Coordinator 
"Things are going well with the Posture Correction program. I'm a big fan, and have had no significant pain since we last spoke. I've been paying close attention to my knees for the past few weeks. I feel like my body is at least learning what it feels like to stand correctly. That's going to take time, but overall I feel great." ~Tommy Perkinson
"I feel amazing, better than I've felt in a long time! I'm so happy I came across your website. I can't thank you enough!" Kathy P.
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About Hip and Knee Pain:

"Working with the staff at Nashville Neuromuscular Center (NNC) was a life-changing experience. I can't account for all that I've learned, developed, and healed because I went to NNC for help with what I refered to as "the pain in my butt." The NNC staff solved the complex mystery, educated me, treated me, and created an individualized plan that is helping me move back into the natural alignment my body was designed to maintain.  The changes are dramatic. I can effortlessly engage muscles that I didn't know I had in the beginning. I can't believe the improvement in my strength, flexibility, and stamina… even my yoga teacher asked what I was doing differently. Every week more people tell me how different I look. "Something has changed," they say. I look taller, thinner, more healthy. Thank you NNC!!"  ~Christy Farr, Life Coach  (read full comment) 

Pros: Skill, education, location, parking
Cons: Not a single one!

"I had chronic knee, hip and back pain for 15 years. My daughter introduced me to massage which felt great, but didn't really change my situation in the long run. I kept trying different neuromuscular massage therapists in Nashville, but it was only when I worked with Rebecca and the Nashville Neuromuscular Center that things began to really change for the better. The neuromuscular therapists at NNC seem to have a knowledge and understanding I did not find anywhere else. With their help I am now walking with ease and sleeping without pain. I highly recommend Nashville Neuromuscular Center." D. Bright  Would you recommend this business to a friend? Yes! definitely.

 "I was referred to Rebecca at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center after dealing with very painful lower right leg pain for over a year. I had been told to accept the pain as something I would have to deal with since "serious" issues had been ruled out. Rebecca immediately started working with me with several methods, stretching, neuro massage therapy, and kinesio tape. No kidding, after the first visit I was pain free. Rebecca told me that it would take a little time, and it turned out she was right. The pain came back, but not as bad, and then continued to lessen over the next 3-4 weeks until it was gone. I visited Rebecca once weekly. I am now pain free, and forever grateful that I took this step. Please don't accept what others tell you about living with pain until you have explored your pain with NNC and Rebecca. This is a highly professional, personal, and caring business that LISTENS to you when you talk. Thank you Rebecca, for making such a difference in my quality of life!"  ~Sandy M. 2011  (Note: Seems everyone else was working on Sandy's leg. We found the problem to be in her back. Nashville Neuromuscular Center treats both the pain and the SOURCE of the pain. That made all the difference.)

"I came to the NNC with chronic pain in my sides and hips that kept me from typing, washing dishes or walking for more than a block. Doctors had not found a cause or an effective treatment. Rebecca Saindon was able to trace the pain to its source and I had significant relief after a couple of sessions. I would highly recommend Rebecca and the NNC to anyone, especially if other therapies haven't worked."
Jennifer Barnett,

"For 14 years, half my life, I suffered from hip pain. I had seen several doctors and had no satisfactory results or explanations for the pain. As time went on the hip pain became more frequent and much more severe. Still X-rays and MRI did not show significant damage to the joint. Physical therapy had not helped and the current doctor could only offer a surgery that could potentially make the problem worse. My sister, an occupational therapist, suggested that I try Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and she found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center for me. From my first session with Rebecca Saindon, I experienced drastic improvements. Not only did my pain subside, but I also noticed huge improvements in my ability to move, as well as a lot more energy. Further sessions built on this framework and improved my problem even more. It has been about 2 months since my last session and I still feel great! ~ Lynn Samuelson, Vanderbilt Medical Researcher

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 And many more comments by clicking icon below:

“Rebecca is truly an expert in her field. She is very experienced, very knowledgeable, and very fun too! We are 100% confident sending clients to her. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.” Dan DeFigio

About Neck and Shoulder Pain:

"I struggled with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years, and got no relief through medical channels. A neurologist at Vanderbilt recommended I try neuromuscular massage therapy with Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, and after diligent work with her, my pain is mostly gone, and what remains is very much under control. Rebecca, aside from being a wonderful person and a joy to visit, is an amazing therapist, and really got to the heart of my problem immediately. She has helped me undo years of compensation for the pain and the imbalance it created in my body. I wholeheartedly recommend her." ~Lisa B., Attorney

"I can't thank the Nashville Neuromuscular Center enough for helping me through the chronic pain I was experiencing.  After having a neurosurgeon review my xrays and an MRI, I followed through with the recommendations they set forth and was not seeing any progress.  I was desperate for help and started researching options on the internet.  I found the NNC website and it looked so promising.  I made an appointment and from that day forward my pain started to subside.  They gave me tips on posture, stretching exercises, massage and then a daily exercise plan.  Each day gets better and better and I don't know what I would have done without them.  I am so very thankful for the knowledge, caring and support I received from them.  After seeing how they work with you to eliminate pain and educate you on how to keep it from returning I will forever be grateful that I found the NNC! "   ~Kate Rafferty, Certified Surgical Technologist  La Vergne, Tn 


Absolutely the best and ONLY place i've gone where I actually felt some relief from my neck and back pain. I've been to numerous massage therapists and several chiropractors. It wasn't until I actually typed "neuromuscular" into the search engine that I found a place that specializes in the kind of neck and back pain that I had, which was intense, mostly from travel and sitting at a desk, typing all day. My therapist, Mayumi, was incredible. She literally found every spot, immediately, and was able to work out my pain. My back didn't feel like the same back. I slept, for the first time, without having to take some sort of pain reliever. This is no bull crap, this place is by far, the best place i've been for neck and back pain. ~Miranda M.

Great Work.My shoulder was surgically repaired three years ago and has never been the same. One visit there improved my mobility and alleviated a lot of pain. I am going back. ~Thom O'Rourke

 "First some background; I'm a 31 yr. old desk jockey. I've been with my current employer for 12 yrs. I love my job and work long hours. About 2 years ago, I started experiencing constant neck and trapezoid tension (always on my right-hand side). I went to Dr.'s, Specialist, got MRIs, did Physical Therapy (for my neck and shoulder), tried Chiropractic, read books ("What to do for a Pain in your Neck" by Schofferman is good), watched YouTube, changed my work-station, bought countless pillows, etc. I TRIED EVERYTHING! A trainer at the YMCA recommend me going to Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I first saw Danella Boyer, and she was an immediate help!! She gave me better recommendations & provided great relief through soft-tissue massage and myofascial release. Rebecca Saindon (owner) did a posture analysis on me & I'm working on it ("there's a hitch in my giddyup"). The posture exercises, in concert with the integrative massage, have provided me relief, and hope of getting better! WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE HOW THANKFUL I AM TO FINALLY BE IMPROVING!! Rebecca has a teacher's spirit; she is caring and knowledgeable (and quite funny too) !  I give Nashville Neuromuscular Center a full-throated recommendation!! Anyone in pain should give this place serious consideration!" ~Brett Mayo


."Rebecca, your procedure helped tremendously and interrupted the severity of the pain. I am a little  sore, but it is more of what you'd call a "good" sore and I have not needed pain medicine to function well. After I tell the doctore tomorrow  how much it helped, I would like you to fit me into ANY slot you might have." ~Betsy Mallory

"Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident and diagnosed with the unspeakable "whiplash." The doctor put me on painkillers and sent me to a physical therapist. The medicine made me sick and the PT worked with me for a couple of months and then told me she had done all that she could do. The pain continued to get worse. One day my stylist noticed that I couldn't bend my head back to put it in the sink. He recommended that I go to the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I was extremely skeptical. Rebecca Saindon has truly changed my life. Not to sound overly dramatic, but it's the truth. Through intense sessions of deep soft tissue work, stretches, lifestyle changes and diet and exercise, my body feels brand new. I can honestly say that I feel stronger and my body feels more aligned than when I was in my early twenties. My pain is gone. These people are highly intelligent professionals with the sincere concern for prevention and pain relief. It's hard for me to be objective, but Rebecca and NNC have dramatically improved the quality of my life and I feel grateful each day for this association." ~ (name withheld by request)

"I went in with severe muscle spasms in my shoulder, so bad I couldn't sleep and nothing I did on my own alleviated the pain or relaxed the spasm. I'd had this problem in the past, but nothing as severe as this time. NNC was a god send. Within the first session the spasm was relieved and with it the pain, and over a series of 5 sessions Rebecca Saindon got to the root of what was causing the spasms, taught me exercises specific to me to realign my posture (which was causing the problem). Five years later, I am thankful to say that I have not had any reocurrance of the problem and now if I even get a twitch, I know what to do. The NNC staff is caring, personable and highly trained. I've referred family, friends and business associates and all have had the same wonderful results." ~Peg Allen

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"Following a critical case of chronic meningo-encephalitis, I experienced numbness and heaviness of the extremities, ataxia, severe low back and shoulder pain. My physician thought Neuromuscular Massage Therapy would be beneficial and he was joined by another health care professional in recommending Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I have found Ms. Saindon to be a consummate professional with the client's well-being her primary consideration. I firmly believe Ms. Saindon has been an integral part of my recovery. I no longer require prescription medications to control the pain. The ataxia has almost completely resolved and I have a much greater range of motion. When I went back to work after two years absence, she consulted with my company regarding the ergo dynamics of my work station. Based on her recommendations, they made some simple changes that benefited me immediately and significantly reduced the pain in my shoulders. Ms. Saindon set goals with me, educated me, and allowed me to participate in my therapy. To someone who had been extremely active and independent before becoming totally dependent, the participation and sense of control were especially beneficial emotionally. Ms. Saindon has unquestioned integrity and is an outstanding representative of her profession."
M. J. Hyatt
Licensed Medical Technologist
Regulatory Affairs Manager for ClinTrials Research

About Foot and Ankle Pain:


" Rebecca, What a difference in my feet!  You are a miracle worker.  Thank you so much.  I’m glad I have several sessions already scheduled because I cannot go back to the pain I was in!!! Hope someone “makes your day” today like you have mine, ~Mary Baker

"After suffering with plantar fasciitis and other muscle pain for almost three years, and being more discouraged than I can say, I finally found relief through Rebecca Saindon at Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I'm crazy about her because she wouldn't give up on helping me. If one technique or exercise didn't fit my ability, she would pull another from her bank of knowledge. My results with her were so good that I continue to see her for what I now say is 'regular maintenance.' I'm grateful to Rebecca and to my wonderful doctor for telling me about her." ~Jane M.

"Therapist was prompt, friendly, professional. She explained treatment rationale and procedure. Used full hour with no sense of being rushed. My pain was relieved fully." ~George Bolian




About KinesioTaping:

"Rebecca, I think that Kinesio-Tex Tape you put on my foot might be magic!
Of course, it might be the angle you used, or the way you stuck it to  my ankle and shin...or for some other mysterious reason, but it 
WORKS!   I have gone from having an unusual but persistant pain in my foot to having no pain at all!  And, I didn't change shoes or arch 
supports, or anything, so it must be YOU who made the difference.Either that, or it is magic. So glad you have added that to your repertoire."
~Jan Simmons Wenzler

 " I have chronic problems with my muscles connecting with an arthiric hip and knee. The taping technique that NNC is doing really makes a difference! The first time I was taped, I was not sure what would happen. The next day at work where I needed to be on my feet for 8 hours dealing with the public - I made it without difficulty! It was really surprising! I've been going back for subsequent tapings and find that the muscles are responding and walking is becoming easier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for three weeks in Europe this summer! " ~Anne Henderson


"Ok, you know I did this taping thing just because you asked me.  I don’t believe in crazy things like this.  I joked with [my boyfriend] about my voodoo tape. I walked this morning and it is the first time my hip DID NOT hurt.  My right hip always hurts pretty badly .  That first morning  and all through the weekend my right one did not hurt at all.  I still cannot believe it.  Oh yeah, no ibuprofen needed either!!!!! It finally came off after 5 days. I forgot to tell you, I walked 4 miles with no pain.  Woo Hoo!!!  I’m addicted to tape." ~Nina Crain 

About Ergonomic Evaluations:

"I've been a client of NNC for about 5 years. They help keep me feeling good, enable me to be healthy enough to work hard, play hard and enjoy life without pain. Recently, Rebecca Saindon came to my office for an ergonomic consultation. Rebecca helped me reconfigure my office desk, computer keyboard and my chair so I can be well supported while I work. She also had great practical solutions for affordable ergonomic office furniture. With only a minimal investment, I now have a wonderfully comfortable set up, and my fatigue at the end of a long day at the computer has been greatly reduced. THANKS AGAIN NNC. You continue to be an integral part of my life."
~Billy Kirsch, President, Kidbilly Music LLC

"After experiencing an acute and sudden onset of cervical myofascial pain, I found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center online. Rebecca Saindon came to my home office (on a Saturday, no less!!) to evaluate my work set up. She demonstrated proper postural allignment and showed me how to modify my current furnishings using purchased wedges or improvising with my own pillows, towels, etc. We discussed the purchase of new furishings. I appreciated that she included low-cost recommendations. Rebecca was encouraging about my prospects for recovery. After she left I felt hopeful that by improving my work set up and following her other recommendations for work breaks and stretches, combined with physical therapy, I would (and have) been able to return to work full time. " ~Michele McGinnis, Researcher

"When I went back to work after two years absence, [Rebecca] consulted with my company regarding the ergo dynamics of my work station. Based on her recommendations, they made some simple changes that benefited me immediately and significantly reduced the pain in my shoulders." ~M.J. Hyatt


"We really appreciated having Rebecca come into our office to do a presentation on the importance of Ergonomics, followed by one-on-one evaluations of everyone's work station.  She was thorough, informative, personable, and did not try to sell us things we didn't need.  I think all of us have benefited from the information presented and for the suggestions given to improve the ergonomics of our work stations!  The price was very reasonable as well.  Thank you, Rebecca!" ClearTrack, Mar 2013


"I feel like I have been to every place in Nashville that offers 'neuromuscular therapy.' I have never had anything that even comes close to the approach Rebecca Saindon and the Nashville Neuromuscular Center provides. They are so thorough and the techniques are way different from all the other people who do neuromuscular work. I got real relief from my symptoms for the first time in 12 years, and it's lasted for over 6 months as of today. These folks are the real deal!" ~Jenny D.


About Headaches: 

"I came to Nashville Neuromuscular Center as a last resort in early 2004. I had been experiencing daily headaches almost as long as I could remember, and they were worsening with age. At the time I first saw Rebecca Saindon, I was taking three different prescription medications for sinuses and allergy, plus migraine medication as needed, plus what was probably an unhealthy amount of over-the-counter headache medicine, none with satisfactory results. No one could seem to find the source of my headaches, and I was actually scheduled for a CAT scan to determine if I had any tumors or growths that could be causing the pain. I really did not hold out much hope that Rebecca would be able to help me but was willing to try anything at that point. Miraculously, on my first visit for neuromuscular massage therapy, Rebecca found the source of my pain. And it was so simple! Years of bad posture and neck positioning had actually shortened the muscles in my neck. I had been my own worst enemy.
After evaluating my posture and stance, Rebecca went right to the source of my pain - one application of pressure on the offending muscle immediately triggered the sharp temple to temple pain from which I had suffered for so long. (I was amazed...and so relieved! I felt better after the very first session.
After a few sessions implementing certain rules and exercises to improve my posture, I experienced an amazing transformation. I was no longer taking any medication, whatsoever, for headaches or misdiagnosed sinus/allergy problems. Additionally, the neck problems for which I had sought periodic chiropractic care for years were also remedied. Rebecca has taught me so much.
I am forever changed for having found Nashville Neuromuscular Center, and will be forever grateful to Rebecca for helping me. I would recommend NNC to anyone experiencing pain of any kind."
~Joanna Stanfield Montgomery

"I suffered from neck pain and severe headaches for ten years. I visited every doctor that anyone recommended. There is no way to figure how many dollars were spent by me and my insurance company to no avail. Then someone suggested that I make an appointment with Rebecca Saindon. After everything I had been through I really didn't have much faith, but I was in so much pain I would have done most anything. After only two visits I knew I was on the right path. She explained everything she was doing and gave me exercises to do at home to accelerate the process. Almost immediately my headaches became less frequent. She also suggested other things that would help me, from the way my office is arranged to the way I lie in bed at night. After only a few months of neuromuscular massage therapy, I am pain free for the first time in ten years. There is no way to explain how this feels. If you are reading this, you are contemplating making an appointment. Don't put it off any longer. You deserve to feel good again." ~ Nina Crain

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About Low Back Pain:

"I began feeling sharp, constant pain in my hamstring. I was active in athletics, so I thought I had just pulled a muscle. For 3 months, the pain only got worse and I finally went for an MRI which showed a lot of compression and damage to a disc in my low back. Several months of physical therapy, epidural injections and a multitude of other treatments provided no relief. I was in excruciating pain for almost a year and my life was miserable. I was on the brink of having back surgery, when I was referred to Rebecca Saindon for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. I admit I was skeptical that her PostureFitness exercises and massage techniques would be effective, since all else had failed. But in only 3 weeks my pain was significantly reduced. I was able to function normally and sleep well. After 3 more weeks my pain was completely gone. It is now several years since I completed my therapy with Rebecca and I still have no pain." ~Jim Catino, RCA Label Group

"Working with NNC has improved my quality of life so much! I hurt my back and they have reduced my pain dramatically and helped me prevent reinjury. Knowledgeable, kind, and super helpful. I highly recommend Nashville Neuromuscular Center." -K.S. - .

"After two car wrecks and 20 years of periodic misery, I believed my condition was just something I'd have to learn to live with the rest of my life.   The Nashville Neuromuscular Center was able to quickly assess the primary cause of my chronic pain, and provide a measure of relief in the first session. Over the past several months, I have seen continuous improvement to the point of not having to fear the dreaded spasms which used to drop me on the floor. After having seen a series of neurosurgeons, doctors, chiropractors and therapists, NNC was the only place able to provide the clinical care as well as long term guidance on specific exercise that has me very hopeful for a future without overwhelming back pain." ~Bill Karlson

"I was at the end of my rope after spending weeks with near-debilitating muscle pain from a large number of knots throughout my lower back and hips. I went to massage therapists, my doctor, a chiropractor, and physical therapy, but nothing worked. After one session with Rebecca Saindon, for the first time in over a month, I was able to walk around with a relatively normal posture and without significant pain. By the third day after my visit, I actually felt like myself again. I am really impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to help. After all the time and money I spent using more mainstream methods of treatment, I was glad to find someone who takes a systemic approach to the body. Rebecca's specific knowledge of neuromuscular therapy was EXACTLY what I needed. In one one-hour session, she did more for my back pain than anyone else! It's now been over three months and I have not had any pain. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, Rebecca." ~Lee Bateman, BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc

'I began having pain in my side after the birth of my first child.  It wasn't incapacitating, but it was pain that I felt almost daily.  My discomfort was also obvious to those around me.  Friends and loved ones would ask me why I was sitting a certain way or in a certain position. It was always an attempt to alleviate my pain.  I had determined that this was a pain that I would live with and if anything,  it would probably only worsen with age.  Then a friend recommended the Nashville Neuromuscular Center to my husband and me.  After only a few visits, my pain was virtually gone.  I am amazed at how much better I feel -- remarkably better.  As I continue to do the exercises they taught me, I have true hope that my pain will never again be a problem.  I think NNC is great! ~Sally H.

"Great job-exactly the pain relief I needed. Visiting from Arizona and  they worked on my back spasms and allowed me to keep working for the customer. Recommend them - professional and knowledgeable." ~Steve W.

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 About General Malaise, Fibromyalgia, and Full-Body Therapeutic Massage:
"Teresa was awesome. The best therapeutic massage I have ever received! I have had lots of massages but never as effective at removing my knots like this one." ~Valerie J.
"Before you consider drugs, injections, or surgery, definitely give the Nashville Neuromuscular Center a try"~ Holly B.
"Mayumi was FANTASTIC. She genuinely made my neck and back feel like they weren't mine. I've tried massage therapist after massage therapist and this was my first actual specialist for the issues that I have and it is the ONLY time I've ever had relief of pain. Genuinely amazing." ~Miranda McDonald

"It is good to remember how smoothly a body can function. Rebecca can turn cranky muscles into silk, and it is such a pleasurable relief!" ~Brooke Allen
"We (my physician husband who researched & found NNC & I) have been very pleased with the evaluation, treatment,professionalism,timely response to phone messages, and my relationship with NNC. They are kind & caring and I have complete confidence in their knowledge and abilities to deal with my problems. I knew that right away on my first visit!!!"   ~ J.S.
"My therapist  was really wonderful. She listened really well, and worked on the places that needed work.  She has such a calm and caring way about her. She showed me some stretches  to do and explained why it was important and what it would help.  The thing I loved was that she was realistic about time!  These are things that can be done in very little time with maximum benefit. She was really knowledgeable and gave one of the best massages ever!!!!!" ~Elyse Adler
 "I have been privileged to be a client of Rebecca Saindon's at Nashville Neuromuscular Center for several years whenever things crop up to cause me pain. The new technique she is using with me has helped incredibly with my range of motion, decreased my muscle tightness, lessened my pain and given me a better sense of overall wellbeing. I have had several treatments and improved drastically with each one. Thank you, Rebecca, for consistently furthering your knowledge of how our bodies work and what they need to work better."  ~Jo Findley

About Benign Positional Vertigo/Dizziness:

"I woke up one morning with the room spinning every time I rolled over in bed or tried to sit up. Rebecca Saindon, my neuromuscular massage therapist in Nashville, commented that it might be benign positional vertigo and suggested I see my doctor for an evaluation. Sure enough the doctor's diagnosis was BPV. Rebecca did a simple maneuver to correct the position of some dislodged crystals in my inner ear and I did a homework version of the same. It only took a few minutes. The dizziness was immediately gone and has not returned." (client name withheld by request) 

"Rebecca helped me tremendously with my vertigo. I was unable to get out of bed without being dizzy. After one session and doing the exercise she gave me at home, I am no longer dizzy." ~Kat Corbitt, Vanderbilt

"My world was constantly in motion. When I sat, my horizon was always shifting and when I walked, nothing around me stayed steady. Riding on an escalator made me dizzy; if I looked up or turned over in bed, my brain went into a sickening spin. I had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo but I felt like I was living in a washing machine - on spin cycle. Then Rebecca Saindon gently and expertly guided me through the Eppley maneuver. Bingo! My world is back to its usual pace. I've climbed out of the washer. Thanks, Rebecca ! ~Ginna P., Artist 


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As a pain relief clinic in Nashville, TN, we have had good success relieving Neck pain, Arm & shoulder pain, Headaches, Low Back Pain, Pain between the shoulder blades, TMJ pain, Hip and Knee pain, Foot and Heel pain, Ankle pain, Tennis & Golfer's Elbow

In our experience, over 90% of the soft tissue pain syndromes we see can be resolved by following our specific Neuromuscular and Corrective Exercise protocols. But there are some incidents of pain that are not caused simply by muscle or postural imbalances, and these situations may require medical intervention.  If you have dramatic sudden loss of strength or muscle size, extreme coordination problems, bowel or bladder dysfunction, or a true deadened numbness with absolutely no feeling as opposed to a superficial 'numblike' sensation, you should see your doctor for medical evaluation.