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Clinical Bodywork/Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a specific program for treating acute and chronic pain syndromes by applying specific therapeutic massage techniques combined with movement, stretching and strengthening programs to restore efficient posture and eliminate the causes of most soft tissue pain patterns.... read complete text.....
Nashville Neuromuscular Center Massage Therapy examines a minimum of seven physiological factors which may be causing or perpetuating pain patterns. These basic factors considered in our approach are:
Trigger Points
Nerve Entrapment/Compression
Postural Distortions
Biomechanical Dysfunction



The Nashville Neuromuscular Center  is a multidisciplinary practice offering the skilled application of several therapeutic massage therapists, each with their own  unique style and experience; each striving to relieve the painful symptoms of soft tissue dysfunction. Our therapists combine a variety of  manual  techniques toward a single result - relieving pain by restoring  posture. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your ability to attain the most efficient body posture to maximize painfree movement patterns, and to educate you about how to maintain this  posture without being dependent on any particular therapist or modality to keep you functioning well. 

 Rebecca's therapeutic massage for pain relief begins with a thorough history and assessment of your individual body posture and movement patterns to determine the source of your pain or dysfunction, often designing a progressive program  of  bodywork,  Posture Fitness exercises and movements to address and correct any imbalances, compensations and dysfunctions that may be causing  or contributing to your pain.

 NNC's therapeutic  massage therapists approach their work from a whole-body perspective, not just working on a localized pain. They are committed to providing excellent care. All therapists working on the premises are known to produce  positive results as can be witnessed in the pages of our client testimonials.... read complete text.....


"NNC offers a holistic approach to pain relief. There’s a therapist at NNC to fit every need and personality. The NNC therapists’ credentials are impressive ." ~Health and Wellness Magazine