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  • Does your daily life, work, or play leave you fatigued, stiff, or in pain?
  • Do you workout with a personal trainer regularly, but continue to have the same old nagging aches and pains?
  • Do you receive regular massages, which feel great while you're on the table, but within a few days the same area of pain returns?
  • Are you in or near Nashville and experiencing Neck pain, shoulder pain, Headaches,  Back Pain,  TMJ pain, 
  • Hip or Knee pain, Foot and Heel pain, or Elbow problems during or after activities?

Welcome to PostureFitness!
You are on your way to understanding  and experiencing your body in a whole new light. 

While your individual muscles may be strong, if they are not firing in concert with the rest of their kinetic chain, you will not be performing at your full potential. Your whole body is one single unit when it comes to the mechanism of movement. At Nashville Neuromuscular Center Posture Fitness, we treat the body as a whole, instead of focusing only on where the symptom is. For example, when your joints hurt, the cause of that pain is not typically the joint itself, but rather the length of the muscles that control that joint.

All muscles work in pairs, or groups of pairs, and they rely on a balanced length:tension relationship to keep the joint in a decompressed and effective working position.  When one muscle or myofascial chain is shorter than its partner, it exerts a constant tension pulling on the part of the joint where it attaches. Constant tension skews the joint itself, pulling one bone off-center and putting a sheering  or compressive force. In the areas where the joint is compressed, there is rubbing or friction, which wears down the cartilage and creates inflammation and pain....the definition of Arthritis. And yet it's entirely fixable!

As the muscle imbalance pulls the joints 'off line', it compromises the  supportive structure of the entire body architecture itself. When the structure is pulled off its support system, other muscles and tissues are recruited to maintain the stability and verticality of the body. These recruited substitute muscles are not designed to do this job and must expend a lot of energy just to keep you upright. Ever wonder why you're so tired at the end of the day when you really didn't do much?

At Nashville Neuromuscular Center, our teaching mantra is "the position you put your body in the most, is the one your body begins to conform to."  Over time, any long-term length:tension imbalance of the muscles becomes habituated and creates faulty movement patterns which become biomechanical habits. Your joints are not genetically flawed, they are a compensation which developted from a muscle dysfunction. They are a reflection of your daily habits of posture and movement. You can change this. Through our specific postural and functional assessments, we help you learn where your body is in its less-than-ideal posture, or help you become aware of a faulty movement pattern which is actually causing your joint or muscle pain.

Using a blend of  Posture Alignment Techniques and PostureFitness® Corrective Exercise, we design a prescriptive menu of strength/stretch/movement/positional releases, based solely on your unique situation to address your individual needs and allow you to correct the habituated patterns of dysfunction. Through daily use of these activities, you will create new habits and your body will conform to a better position, thus allowing you more efficient movement with less pain and more longevity for your joints throughout your life. It’s never too soon or too late to start feeling better.


Core stabilization and core strength are the trendy buzzwords that most people associate with strengthening the abdominal muscles and protecting the low back.  But your core is not just your abs.  And traditional crunches are not the answer. The core includes the diaphragm, pelvic floor, all four layers of abdominals, and the muscules of the back.  Research over the past 20 years has shown that strengthening the core muscles of the body is a good way to  help support lumbar stability, maintain an erect spinal posture  and thus can aide in reducing back pain and strain, but you spend most of your active movement time on your feet, and simply training your abs via Pilates or crunches on the floor or over a ball will not necessarily render your core fully functional in the reality of your daily upright life.

More and more facilities are giving core strengthening programs.  Many of these are a generic, one-size fits all program,  while the ideal core strengthening program is one that is individualized to fit  your specific body posture, the specific causes of your discomfort, and which realistically fits into your lifestyle. Creating an effective core strengthening program isn't quite as easy as simply following a few exercises from the latest best-selling book, DVD, or website. Not every exercise is right for every person.  Nashville Neuromuscular Center creates safe individualized home programs for our clients with back, neck, and hip and knee pain.  There are a lot of  massage therapists now offering exercises. And while having choices is a good thing, you need to be sure that your program is appropriate for your unique condition, and that your instructor is properly qualified in the field of exercise.


Our intention at Nashville Neuromuscular Center is to teach enough body awareness to our clients that they can enter the community settings, i.e. workout classes, pilates and yoga classes, gym workout sessions, sports, and be able to apply what they've learned. They will know  what they need to do for their unique physique. And even if teacher does not say so in class, our clients will know how to properly activate and perform each movement for optimal results. They will know to work more on one area than another if necessary to correct their particular muscle imbalances and stay pain free and uninjured.


Hear what some of our clients
have to say about PostureFitness:
 "Over the years, I have tried several strengthening programs, but always ended up with pain caused by scoliosis-related imbalances. Not so with Rebecca Saindon's approach... ~Janine Van  (read entire comment)

"Last summer I was experiencing knee pain and limitations daily. When I presented my problem to Rebecca Saindon, she gave on-the-spot feedback and suggestions. After 3 months, I am basically pain-free and  I am convinced that Rebecca's treatment plan saved my knee from surgery." ~ Centennial Sportspex Facility Coordinator  (read entire comment)

"The sessions at NNC have been wonderful. I am a super satisfied customer!!" ~Jessica Kennedy (read entire comment)

"I have suffered from chronic arthritis for many years. I have had both of my knees replaced. Following the sessions at NNC I was able to maintain an erect posture." ~Jeanne Youngkins (read entire comment)

"Rebecca, I went out the other afternoon to practice golf. Hit 150 (at least) golf balls and never felt the strain on my back, legs or arms. I spent almost 2 hours there. Also I walked to pick the balls up and my legs did not give away. However, without your exercise regiment, I would have broken every bone in my body. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!!"~ETH, Realtor

"My back is feeling better and I've got a lot more flexibility in my hips and lower back. I've been trying to overcome this low back pain for five years and really appreciate what Bethann and Rebecca have been able to do for me in such a short time." ~Steve Vining (read entire comment)

"I was enthusiastic with our Posture Fitness work today. It may be just the kick-start I've needed. You are always so very thoughtful and quite the inspiration for me. Your knowledge and commitment to your work impress me. Most of all you have a way of making folks feel hopeful for improvement and know just when to nudge them along." MJ Hyatt


The most important exercise
You’ll ever do
 Is reaching down
and lifting someone else up.


"It's been Fabulous!  I never expected "The Basics" to be so simple in correcting poor posture.  It certainly has been a remarkable experience, and I am very happy that I located your facility." ~name withheld by request (read entire comment)

"I began [at NNC] upon the recommendation of my massage therapist who felt I needed more help than she could give me.  With Rebecca's guidance through exercises specifically adapted to my capabilities and gradually increasing in difficulty, I feel years younger. ~Janet Davies

"I am a long-time tennis player who recently took up golf at middle age. I turned to Rebecca Saindon's PostureFitness program to teach my muscles how to swing the golf club. The exercises have done wonders.... (read entire comment)
Katherine McElroy
Nashville Management Group

"I am about to embark upon the biggest challenge of my life - the Chicago Marathon. This has been more difficult physically and mentally than anthing else I have ever faced. Rebecca, thank you so much for all your help in getting my body to this point!" ~Rebecca Townsend  (read entire comment)

"I went to NNC for arm & back problems associated with playing guitar. The deep massage helped relieve my pain and loosen my muscles, but more importantly, the exercises I was taught help me stay pain-free and flexible; and if the pain returns, I just start back exercising and in a short amount of time I'm better again." ~Tiger Fitzhugh



But I already work out with a Trainer!

A dedicated workout regimen is an investment of time, energy and money. So, of course, you want to achieve the best possible results. What you may not realize is that an inequality in the muscle length:tension relationship is a common problem which can prevent you from attaining the full advantage of your workout sessions, or worse, set you up for pain and injury. Fortunately, there's a knowledgeable resource where you can find help in balancing your framework and prepare you for an effective fitness program.

Scheduling sessions at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center for an evaluation and Posture Fitness Corrective exercise menu prepares your body to pursue your other fitness goals safely, with a reduced risk of injury and pain. We do not necessarily offer our expertise 'instead of' your regular workouts, but rather 'in addition to' your activties. Our Posture Fitness program is a Prehabilitation  routine to get your body in its best functional alignment and condition to help you achieve the ultimate results you desire from your gym workout or sports activity,  as well as a Rehbilitation to resolve your pain issues.

 The three trainers at NNC take a very holistic approach to enhancing your health and fitness. The entire Nashville Neuromuscular Center  team of therapists keeps our intention on Posture Fitness and our protocols are specifically designed for your individual needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of bodywork.

We are dedicated to helping you correct the imbalances that are keeping you from living a pain free life. We are committed to helping you understand proper biomechanics and regain full range of motion. And we respect your knowledge of your own body.

The Nashville Neuromuscular Center is honored to work in conjunction with Nashville's other Fitness Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga & Pilates Instructors, and other movement  practitioners by providing the posture correction component and  the soft tissue massage to compliment and reinforce the strength and flexibility work you do with them.

True Neuromuscular work and Posture Corrective Exercise is a different approach than most exercise and massage therapy and might seem a bit unusual to you at first, but your performance and results will speak for themselves and you'll soon wonder how you ever did without it. And why you waited so long! Give us a call. 615-354-1700