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Nashville Business Journal - Expert Advice Series
Rebecca Saindon October 2009



Posture Fitness and Pain Relief for the Corporate Executive

Nashville Business Journal

October 2009

Is the stress of the deal making your shoulders tight and your neck stiff? Do you think it’s the golf that’s making your low back ache? Think again!

More likely it’s simply the position of your body as you sit at your office that causes these discomforts. "But I have a [top of the line name brand] chair!" It’s not just about the chair. You can buy the most expensive chair on the market, but if it isn’t adjusted to fit your individual body to your desk configuration, it could actually be hurting you. Your body mass needs to be properly supported against the forces of gravity in order to keep your muscles and joints from becoming strained.

• First adjust your chair height so your elbows and forearms rest on your chair or desk just at the point where they bend naturally, keeping your shoulders down and relaxed.

• Sit all the way back in your chair. Distribute your weight evenly on both hips.

• Keep your knees approximately even with your hips. Your feet should rest firmly on the floor or on a raised foot rest.

• Adjust the chair back so it supports you with your ear in line with your shoulder and right above or slightly behind the middle of your hip.

• There should be a slight arch in your low back. A lumbar roll can help you maintain this normal curve.

• Position the computer monitor slightly below eye level.

Wherever we are, we spend a lot of time sitting – at our desks, in our cars, on airplanes, while reading, watching television, at the movies, dinner parties. Learning to sit more efficiently will help you avoid some common pain syndromes.

Rebecca Saindon is Director of Nashville Neuromuscular Center, PLC. She can be reached at (615) 354-1700. For more information, visit www.NNCweb.com.


Health & Wellness Guide

Issue February & March 2005

Rebecca Saindon

The Nashville Neuromuscular Center

As couches and cars have become more cushy, and we spend more time slumping over computers, good posture has deteriorated. Painful muscular imbalances are the result; and the number of people in pain is on the rise. Nashville is fortunate to have a reputable source for pain relief.  For over twelve years Nashville Neuromuscular Center has been providing therapeutic remedies for soft-tissue pain syndromes.  NNC’s Certified Neuromuscular Therapists combine their expertise to improve lives through postural evaluation, clinical massage, corrective exercise, biofeedback,  and guidance about the activities of daily life.


Owner Rebecca Saindon feels deeply about educating, and has served as education chairperson of the American Massage Therapy Association. She gives high school presentations to teach young people how to prevent posture-related injuries. Rebecca donates her services to the Interfaith Dental Clinic and other non-profit organizations. Her professional endeavors with affordable pain relief have a tremendous impact on the Nashville community and its residents.