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Neck and Headache Testimonials cont'd

"I came to NNC because I was experiencing debilitating migraines almost daily. I also could not lift my arm above my head and my shoulder blade  hurt all the time. After working with Rebecca, my headaches have reduced significantly and I am able to move my arm over my head again! I am more relaxed and less tense all over my entire body and my shoulder blade does not bother me anymore. Oh, and Rebecca was also able to relieve a pain in my mouth/jaw." ~Katie Pareigis

"After a serious car wreck in 1997, I spent four years trying different therapies and therapists to deal with the chronic neck pain and headaches. By the time I got to Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, I was pretty tired of physical therapy, massage and pain medicines. Working with Rebecca made drastic improvements in my pain and mobility immediately. Within a few sessions I no longer needed pain & anti-inflammatory medications and soon after was almost totally pain-free." ~Sarah Trahern, Producer

"The painful effects of being hit from behind in a car wreck came on gradually and progressed over the course of several months. Physical therapy, epidural cortisone injections, and many visits to four specialized doctors later, I finally learned about the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. Rebecca matched me up with Keith McCord who has shared with me a wealth of practical knowledge about the human body and how to heal it. The extensive soft tissue pain that I experienced has improved so much in the 3 months I have been receiving treatment. They has even helped my husband and his "computer neck!"  I don't know what I would have done without NNC. They have been a real blessing to me!" ~Debbie Gott

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