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More Hip and Knee Pain Testimonials cont'd:

"I was in a constant state of pain. My leg and buttock were so tender I couldn't even sit. I had torn my hamstring and 20 years of bodywork had made little change in my pain. The therapists at the Nashville Neuromuscualr Center slowly unraveled one aspect of my muscle tightness after another. With each release they gave me exercises to strengthen or stretch the muscle.  I sit evenly and comfortably now. I am gradually rehabilitating my body to full strength and regaining stamina with NNC's help. I thank God for their incredible skills."
Susan Bradley,
Physician's Assistant
& HCA Attorney

"I was a walking, talking wreck when I showed up in Rebecca Saindon's 4th floor office one muggy summer's day. A veteran marathoner myself, I had been injured and unable to run for weeks and weeks. I'd gone through the runner's litany of usual suspects seeking relief--PTs, massage therapists, voodoo doctors, othopedes, the full lot. Not a darn thing worked. Then Rebecca put her hands on me. Three quick sessions and voila, the proverbial clouds of pain were whisked away across the sky, and I was out on the trails again. A short time later, I knocked off a hilly trail marathon outside Canberra, Australia. I credit Rebecca 100% with making that race possible. And I've continued to see her, quite happily since then, for other aches, pains and more serious issues. 'Nuff said. She's the best." ~Willy Stern, Journalist

"I spent three years in severe pain, trying everything I knew to find relief--chiropracter, massage, physical therapy, acupuncture. Nothing worked until I came to the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. Thanks to Rebecca Saindon, I can exercise again, sleep soundly, and sit without hurting. Thank you, NNC!!
Jana Joustra Davis
Health Corporation of America

"I found the Nashville Neuromuscular Center at a time when I was worried that my lack of mobility due to back, knee, and foot pain would severely limit my ability to do the things I wanted to do. Rebecca Saindon worked me out of severe pain and then began to work on a progressive strengthening program. Without NNC, I believe my life would be much more limited today. I couldn't recommend NNC more."
Gayle Ray

"Pain was a constant in my life. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good. Now after only three weeks, working with Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, I feel normal and I have the tools to use at home to continue feeling good. After 20+ years of pain, this is truly a miracle in my eyes."
~Sandy Swofford

"I received treatment at NNC for hip and knee pain. The pain in my leg was recurring and miserable. My first session immediately alleviated 70 percent of my discomfort and after a week of performing the recommended exercises I was completely free of pain. I continue with the exercises on a daily basis and have not had another flare up. They made a detailed postural analysis prior to my table work. I knew I was in expert hands and benefiting from some real detective work. The massage was thorough and extremely gentle. Following the treatment they made another comparative postural analysis to assess my progress. Their communication skills are superb, compassionate and good humored. I have recommended NNC to patients from my own acupuncture practice."
~Mark Shprintz, Licensed Acupuncturist

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