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Advanced Neuromuscular & MyoFascial Massage Therapy 
Nashville's Integrated Bodywork & Therapeutic Massage Clinic
Relieving Pain by Restoring Posture
"I have had shoulder and elbow pain for the better part of a year. I spent 5 sessions at a local physical therapy chain and did not see much improvement. Since starting at NNC I have had marked improvement
and have been able to return to many activities I was previously avoiding. I am now very hopeful that I will be able to return to a full range of exercises including Olympic lifts and some gymnastics.
I would wholeheartedly recommend NNC to anyone who has been frustrated by injury or pain." ~JG 2016 


If your lifestyle doesn't control your body,
Eventually your body will control your lifestyle.

Don't let pain keep you from doing the things you enjoy.
You can change your posture and dissolve your pain.
Working with one of our Posture Specialists can show you how.

NNC is about permanent problem solving, not just chasing the pain. 

Be Pain Free with NNC 

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The Nashville Neuromuscular Center has been in  practice at its current location in the Cavalier Office Building near Belle Meade  since 1998 - conveniently located, easy to find, with ample parking and ADA compliant.  In addition to  Clinical Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage treatment, we have a small private gym onsite for Posture Fitness Corrective Exercise and movement therapy. 

Originally NNC was exclusively staffed with Certified Paul St. John Method  Neuromuscular Therapists and all of our massage therapists maintained National Board Certification. Everyone shared the same education and ideology about posture, alignment, treatment, and corrective exercise approaches for pain relief. Over the years, maintaining that tightly-knit cohesive collaborative became unrealistic as therapists' lives, interests and fields of study evolved. 

Today we are more a conglomerate of very different highly-skilled and experienced therapeutic massage therapists, each with their own individual skill sets  and  approaches to bodywork and client care. Our clients are pleasantly surprised to find such quality and diversity in treatment techniques to choose from and often combine or alternate sessions with different therapists for comprehensive results.

Director Rebecca Saindon requires that the clinical therapists each maintain Certification in their modalities, as a required standard of proficiency focused on evidence-based practices. Some are also certified in corrective exercise training to enhance their manual work with movement therapy.

So the treatments provided by NNC draw from a wide variety of body work techniques which are integrated under the moniker of their core name  'Neuromuscular, or more accurately 'NeuroMyoFascial, Therapy'   read more.... 


"We are not interested in keeping you coming back week after week.... read more

Nashville Neuromuscular Center, PLLC





Clinical Bodywork/Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is typically used to relieve  myofascial pain or dysfunction. Additionally NMT can also be utilized for preventative purposes, post-surgical care, repetitive traumas and the onset of acute and chronic idiopathic pains. Our 'Neuromuscular Therapy' is an integrated therapeutic method  of clinical bodywork that combines advanced neuromuscular, orthopedic and medical massage, MyoFascial Release and Structural Integration, Posture Fitness training, movement education, and ergonomic modifications for daily living activities.