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Neck and Shoulder Pain Testimonials cont'd

"I went in with severe muscle spasms in my shoulder, so bad I couldn't sleep and nothing I did on my own alleviated the pain or relaxed the spasm. I'd had this problem in the past, but nothing as severe as this time. NNC was a god send. Within the first session the spasm was relieved and with it the pain, and over a series of 5 sessions Rebecca Saindon got to the root of what was causing the spasms, taught me exercises specific to me to realign my posture (which was causing the problem). Five years later, I am thankful to say that I have not had any reocurrance of the problem and now if I even get a twitch, I know what to do. The NNC staff is caring, personable and highly trained. I've referred family, friends and business associates and all have had the same wonderful results." ~Peg Allen

"I came to NNC because of pain with motion in my right shoulder. Mayumi identified within seconds the problem area. What was incredible was that all pain in movement was gone at the conclusion of our session." ~Joan Schleicher, Psychologist

"Rebecca has been like a saint for me. She helped me through serious muscle problems with my legs and has seen me through two rotator cuff surgeries and the remnants of a ruptured disc. I still go for a deep tissue massage on a monthly basis because I always feel so much better afterwards." ~Doug Anderson

"I am 53 years old and am a full-time Registered Nurse. When I was referred to Nashville Neuromuscular Center, I was hurting in many places; back, neck, and shoulders especially. I felt really frustrated,because I thought 'If I feel like this in my 50's, how will I ever make it in my 70's?' So, when I was asked what my goals were by being there, I replied that I woud like to be stronger so I could play volleyball longer and that I would like to have my pain decreased.
I was surprised, very pleasantly, to hear Rebecca say that I should aim to be pain free. I had not had that thought before, since I had always believed that everyone has some pain they have to bear.
Rebecca's encouragement, as well as always taking a thorough history, giving hands-on care, and very practical hints to improve my posture, alignment and attitude gave me a lot of relief. Just being told that it was possible to learn to sleep in a better position made me try it, and to my surprise and great joy, my back pain is much better. My shoulders are better also, in part due to exercise she gave me, and in part from the foam supports she made for my car seat which make me sit up straighter and hold my shoulders in much better form.
This information and encouragement has made a huge difference in my life and just being made aware of the ways in which I was living a lifestyle that increased stress and strain on my body has helped me to adjust and change, so that I now have hope of playing volleyball many more years, and also of being pain free for a lot more of my life. I can't say how much I appreciate and how much I learned from Rebecca. She not only gave me a new way of life, but she also gave of herself, which is evident by her dedication and enthusiasm for her job. It seems to be more than a job to her, and that can make all the difference in results.
I highly recommend this company to anyone who is having problems similar to mine and feel strongly that it is a useful method of returning one to a healthier and happier life."  ~Tina O'Connor, RN

"I hadn't realized to what extent my daily activities and sleep were affected by my back and shoulder pain until it was removed! After Rebecca Saindon 'freed' my pain and restored my posture, I noticed an increased energy level and improved sense of well-being, not to mention greater range of motion and strength. Rebecca was expertly adept at communicating complex neuromuscular terminology into terms that I could understand. It just made sense. In just five sessions, I was strong and pain-free and equipped with the knowledge of how to remain healthy. The sports and pain-specific exercises that she taught me are now a part of my daily regimen." ~Pam Wylly


"I was experiencing pain in my right front shoulder from carrying a heavy briefcase when I travel. This pain had been increasing over the last twelve months and was keeping me out of the gym. Rebecca Saindon has brought me back to life. I am pain free in only three sessions of neuromuscular massage. A miracle you say? Perhaps! However, the healing hands of the professionals at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center have made my pain go away and taught me techniques and stretches to keep it from coming back. I cannot say enough about the caring, relaxed, professional approach and atmosphere in which I was treated. Bravo! Thank you so much." ~Craig U. Colby

"It's Jaclyn Berry who was in to see you on Friday afternoon. First off, you're my miracle worker. I woke up this morning very tender/sore, but with NO pain. I am moving more and had less tenderness as the day progressed. Thank you so much for everything. I would like to go ahead and make an appointment with you next week to learn some exercises to strengthen as well. I took your advise of using a wash cloth rolled up on the "pinching" point and I really think that made a huge difference as well as the ice and heat. I really want to express my thanks for you seeing me on such short notice as well as being very compassionate and helpful. I have never experienced pain like that, and hope I never do, but will definitely spread the word of you and Nashville Neuromuscular. Thanks so much. PS I am also going to poke and prod my husband to come and see you about his plantersfaceitious [sic] too. " ~ Jaclyn


"I am 50 years old and have suffered from severe pain from osteoarthritis for 15 years. I am unable to take many of the medications for this condition because of drug allergies. Physical Therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy have helped to alleviate some of the pain, but I have achieved better pain management through the therapeutic massage treatments with Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. After about four treatments, my overall pain has been reduced by 80%. Rebecca has been very helpful in showing me ways to manage my pain between treatments." ~ (client name withheld by request)

"Rebecca is wonderful, as a therapist and person!  Rebecca Saindon at NNC helped relieve years of neck and shoulder pain, after several doctors over several years were unable to find the source of the problem -- a local neurologist suggested I try her, and I sure am glad I did! I recommend Rebecca and NNC wholeheartedly." leel_tn

"This is a letter of reference for Rebecca Saindon of the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I received neuromuscular work from Ms. Saindon for several years and have always been impressed with the quality of ther work, her thoroughness in answering any questions I have, her suggestions for continued self-improvement and her high level of professionalism. I have recommended Ms. Saindon to many people I know and will continue to do so, satisfied that she will provide the same quality of service as she provided to me. I have always found Ms. Saindon to be fair and ethical in all of our transactions." ~Debra Grimes

"I struggled with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years, and got no relief through medical channels. A neurologist at Vanderbilt recommended I try neuromuscular massage therapy with Rebecca Saindon at the Nashville Neuromuscular Center, and after diligent work with her, my pain is mostly gone, and what remains is very much under control. Rebecca, aside from being a wonderful person and a joy to visit, is an amazing therapist, and really got to the heart of my problem immediately. She has helped me undo years of compensation for the pain and the imbalance it created in my body. I wholeheartedly recommend her." ~Lisa B., Attorney

"Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident and diagnosed with the unspeakable "whiplash." The doctor put me on painkillers and sent me to a physical therapist. The medicine made me sick and the PT worked with me for a couple of months and then told me she had done all that she could do. The pain continued to get worse. One day my stylist noticed that I couldn't bend my head back to put it in the sink. He recommended that I go to the Nashville Neuromuscular Center. I was extremely skeptical. Rebecca Saindon has truly changed my life. Not to sound overly dramatic, but it's the truth. Through intense sessions of deep soft tissue work, stretches, lifestyle changes and diet and exercise, my body feels brand new. I can honestly say that I feel stronger and my body feels more aligned than when I was in my early twenties. My pain is gone. These people are highly intelligent professionals with the sincere concern for prevention and pain relief. It's hard for me to be objective, but Rebecca and NNC have dramatically improved the quality of my life and I feel grateful each day for this association." ~ (name withheld by request)

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